Top Bars With Live Music In London Part 2

In our last blog we talked about how London is a lively place, filled with shows, music, art, and culture. We ran through a short-list of bars in London which also play great live music to relax with your gorgeous London escort before retiring to your hotel room. All the bars on our short list feature live music. So in no particular order, let's talk about some more of the great dining and music venues you could visit in London with your gorgeous escort today.


Starting with:

Servant Jazz Quarters - 10A Bradbury St, N16

The Servant Jazz Quarters is as prestigious as it sounds but focuses primarily on it's 'vibe'. The bar for this venue is situated upstairs while the stage for live music is downstairs but with an open staircase that connects both it's easy to go back and forth and since the place is pretty small it makes for the perfect intimate setting. Cocktails are all round at the Servant Jazz Quarters but are careful if you come with your gorgeous London Escort. This is the exact kind of establishment you could lose track of time in and possibly even use the duration of your booking here, so do remember to leave this incredible bar.


Le QuecumBar - 42-44 High St, SW11

Le QuecumBar is a gypsy swing bar located in Battersea and is one of the most relaxing and intimate bars that feature live music in London. This bar is great to bring a London escort too and with beautiful brasserie-style cuisine and a secluded patio you can have an intimate date in, this bar is perfect for your booking. It's been sighted as one of London's best bars for food and live music so it's definitely a hot spot if you're looking for both.


Proud Camden - The Stables Market NW1

As you can guess from its name this bar is proudly situated in Camden making it the perfect bar to stop at and relax for a bit after shopping in Camden Market and exploring this iconic London setting with your stunning London escort. The Proud Camden, converted from an old horse hospital, is a relaxed bar with rooftop seating during the day and at night they turn on their booming speakers. Perfect.


The Hootenanny - 95 Effra Road, SW2

Lively energetic nights up to four times a week, reggae music, live band karaoke and Mexican food. What more could you want out of a bar? The perfect spot to enjoy some feel-good music and foreign food. The Hootenanny is simply, perfect.

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