The Importance of Advertising

Escorting is an incredibly competitive profession and with an ever-growing market, it's becoming more and more imperative that those who occupy this profession need to keep up with the trade through use of advertising and smart promotion. For an escort, online advertising is essential, especially with today's economy. To be lucrative you have to be on the ball with where you advertise and how you advertise especially if you are protecting an identity.

So as one of the top agencies in the city us at AJ London escorts thought we would talk about a few points on how to advertise better to increase clientele.

The first thing to do is to not trick your clients. People who book escorts usually will scroll through a number of photo's and profiles, carefully seeding through the options before definitively deciding on which woman is there dream. Once the client has chosen he will want to book, and wouldn't it be disappointing if someone else turned up?

Some escort agencies, of course not us, will send out a different woman to the one in the pictures. Of course, this can affect relationships with your clients and can even get bookings cancelled so when you are advertising if you want to make sure you continue getting booked and even have repeat clientele, it's important to absolutely only show off your own photographs.

The next thing to do is make sure the photo's you have taken, although they contain you, are clear. It's best to invest in a professional photographer as the images they take prove to have a healthier booking rate. People like to see clear crisp photographs so they know exactly who they're booking.

The investment is worth it as your bookings will increase. You can also play about with the background and change it to different settings or to suit your attire to drive your clients that little bit more crazy for you.

Speaking of attire it's important you show yourself off. Clients book escorts for many different reasons and occasions. Some clients may book you for a dinner party and would want to envision what you look like in an evening dress, so make sure that's something you show. Your profile is where you showcase your diversity as well as your beauty. Your portfolio should consist of lingerie shots, dresses and fantasy to make sure you have, whatever your client is looking for.

If you offer any services such as role-play this is something you want to write on your profile or showcase is your photo's. Have pictures of you wearing a nurse costume or a french maid and be clear about what services you do and don't offer. Some clients may be looking for something very specific and if they find it on your page, they will book. Other clients may be looking for something you aren't prepared to do, so make sure to be clear when advertising about your services.

Now that your photos are professionally taken and your basic stats are on your website it's time to jazz it up. This is where you confidently boast about yourself and the experiences you could provide. Having compelling text helps the client learn that little bit more about you.

How fun you are, how energetic you are, how great the experience is is all something you could display in your text about yourself and let the client know, out of everyone he could possibly book, why he should book you.

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