The Importance of Advertising Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of advertising and how good photos, descriptions and a variety of attire can help you get more frequent bookings. So now you got your photos in place all crisp and clear, you're description shows you off and your portfolio is filled with shots to seduce Medusa, whats next?

Well next is to actually think about your client now. As an escort friendship is as important as the companionship you provide and many people, as we've discussed before book clients for a number of reasons. Some for the girlfriend experience and others just to have a dinner date or a relaxing conversation with someone beautiful.

For this, it's important your tactful of different clients needs and wants and also aware of what different clients may expect of you. Show that you care by offering a range of services whether it's a dinner date, a picnic, the girlfriend experience, a corporate event or like we said, something as simple as sitting down for a conversation. When you show you have an interest and care in your client's needs, they will book you more frequently.

Since escorting is such a competitive profession to stay on top of the game you have to be ahead of it. Keep up to date with fashion, what colours are in this season? What collections of lingerie have been released? What are the latest shoes? Keeping up with fashion and bedroom trends will help you stay on top of your competition as clients will know you put the extra effort in and always look stunning.

It's also important to re-invent yourself if you need too. Keep your clients interested and coming back by changing your hair, or offering new services or new attire to your services. For example, if you offer a role-play service you can add new costumes to your collection and a new 'role-play' for your clients to try with you.

When advertising, although important to show yourself off, it's also important to hide your face if you are trying to protect your identity. Many escorts successfully advertise themselves with there faces slightly blurred, as long as your body is still clearly enticingly on display you can still get bookings, just don't accidentally expose yourself.

If you don't already have a separate phone number for your escorting operations in worth doing that. The last thing you want is clients ringing your personal number at any time of the day or night. Make sure to have a separate number along with any other contact information on your profile linked to your escorting. Refrain from using personal email addresses and numbers.

If you can try to get your clients to leave a review on yours, or your agencies website. Wherever visible where you advertise to let other potential clients know, you are the girl in the pictures and you provide an experience worth paying for.

If you found this article useful then you should also check out part one of this series, the importance of advertising part 1 which has some more useful tips to help you get started online!