London: The Capital Of Food?

London is one of the busiest and most impressive cities in the country. Not only one of three fashion capitals in the world alongside Paris and New York, but London also has a rich history and more than a few things to do. Boredom is a word seldom used in London and one browse through our extensive catalogue will show you London is also home to some of the worlds most beautiful women.

Today we thought we could talk about some of the fine dining establishments you can visit in London and take your gorgeous escort too for an evening of luxury chomping. London is filled with places to eat from street food to take-aways and fancy rooftop restaurant so we thought we could compile a small list of fancy restaurants for you to impress your date with.

So in no particular order let's start with:


Aquashard - The Shard, 31 St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY

If you don't know what the Shard is in London it's the big dominating building that looks like some sort of giant dinosaur-egg. The building is often seen when London's skyline is shown, or anytime wide-shots of the city are taken and often in popular culture set in London such as shows like The Apprentice, which show the Shard quite a bit throughout the show. The building is famous for its unique architecture and unusual design for such a massive structure.

The Shard also houses a brilliantly British restaurant which can be found on Level 31 inside the Shard and this restaurant aims to bring you more than just a plate, but rather an entire experience of Britain while you look out the window and see the ever-changing views of the London skyline from one of it's most famous occupants. The restaurant also features private dining rooms which are just perfect for an intimate meal with your gorgeous London escort. Any of our lovely ladies will be impressed with this and if you're going to dine in an elite building in an elite city, it's only right you dine with an elite woman.


The Rooftop OXO Tower Restaurant - Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, South Bank, London SE1 9PH

If you're looking for somewhere to dine that's as elegant and as beautiful as the bomb-shell booking you've got with you, then why not try The Rooftop OXO Tower Restaurant. Rooftop dining is always a classy thing to do and the beautiful sky-high views of the city are more than stunning to see and London's a city you could literally just watch from above for hours as the constant buzz rings through the Victorian brick of the city. Since opening in 1996 the restaurant has experienced success to the point the restaurant is dubbed by many as 'Iconic' and it's stunning views over London and especially The River Thames further cements the brilliance of this restaurant. Floor to ceiling windows elevate the elegance of the restaurant and the seasonal British menu has been a long-time hit.

The restaurant is much more than just a restaurant that serves some British cuisine as the Rooftop aims to give you an 'experience' that both you and your gorgeous escort will absolutely love. Live jazz music creates a unique and lively ambience for plenty of positive energy while you dine in class. All day dining is available as well as afternoon tea for those of you feeling rather sophisticated. If you're looking to drink something a little more colourful then the restaurant has an extensive wine list of 800 bottles and an ever-changing cocktail menu for you to buzz over.


Joe Allan - 2 Burleigh St, London WC2E 7PX

Getting away from the British cuisine for this next restaurant we have the American created Joe Allan. Named after it's creator and opened in 1977, Joe Allen opened his first restaurant in New York City and ran with a theatre theme. The restaurant decor is luxurious and rich and set in a venue draped with the best and most impressive movie memorabilia so if you are a movie buff this is the perfect place for you to dine.

Or perhaps the beautiful woman you've booked from our catalogue is a movie buff herself, this is the perfect restaurant to impress her with. Set in Covent Garden, Joe Allans has become a spot known as the 'West End Canteen' due to the number of famous faces that have graced the restaurant with there presence from actors to directors & movie producers.

So there we have it, just some of the great and classy restaurant you can visit with your lovely London escort the next time you're in this great city. From restaurants in the wonderfully quirky Shard to James Bond-esque rooftop fine dining to some American grub for you to sink your teeth into, any of these restaurants is sure to impress both you and your date.