Working as an escort enables you to be as social as you want to be, with the opportunity to meet a huge array of people that you can have many different interactions with, and maybe even learn a few things from some people! Some escorts have built a strong rapport with some clients and may even see them on a daily basis, as well as to come across many different clients who have probably never used their services previously.

Escorting services are completely bespoke to you, as you’re able to literally choose your perfect woman, for whatever occasion you need her to give you the highest quality of companionship. However, there are a few things that could jeopardise you being able to have such a huge privilege of booking an intimate one to one time with a woman who gives you palpitations just looking at her, whether it’s through her cancelling your booking or straight up refusing to never see you again, regardless of your strong your professional relationship is.

If you’re wondering what it could be that would put you in this type of situation, we’ve compiled a list of 4 things that are a big no when it comes to interacting with escorts:



For some people, intimacy is something that doesn’t even require taking the time to gather energy, the energy is already there for it and you’re on auto-pilot when its ready to get things hot. It’s always important that both parties are consenting, and are happy to carry out physicality’s, otherwise, it’ll be an experience with half the effort in, which could be much more difficult to enjoy. As escorts are highly professional, they are trained to give you the most bespoke service and to ensure that you are properly pleasured, but in order for them to do this, you need to ensure that they are also comfortable. Rushing them into intimacy can make them feel pressured and won’t help them relax. Take the time to break the ice a little, let her know what you’re expecting, and she’ll let you know her boundaries, that way both parties are respected and she’ll be aware that you’re taking her wellbeing and feelings into consideration, which can build up a better trust between you both.



No one likes any type of bad odour, and no one should be expected to endure being in a cloud of a foul scent when being intimate with someone. High-class escorts, rightfully so, hold hygiene at a very high ranking when it comes to meeting clients, and seeing that you’ve not put the effort into your hygiene could result in your escort simply refusing to provide a service for you, even if you’ve been looking forward to it all day. It’s not a lot of effort to ensure you’re clean, and it’s important to both yours and your escorts health so that you can both be intimate without any fears of putting either of yours’ health in any danger of any form.



Haggling is never cordial, especially if your escort has already made a prior arrangement with you regarding how much she will charge you for the services that you’re in need of. An escort will only negotiate on her terms if it’s a client that she may have a durable rapport with, however, it’s impolite to instigate a conversation of reconsidering the service charges, and can jeopardise further bookings within the general escorting industry.



It really is nice to be nice, and having a lack of basic manners can be the one thing between you and a stunning, elegant escort who is willing to spend her whole evening making you feel like a king. It can rub people up the wrong way immediately if they’re spoken to with hostility, or if someone is dismissive towards them, and it can affect their actions too. If you’ve been impolite to your escort, and her mood has dampened because of this, how can you expect her to give you an incredible experience? It’s only fair that you are respectful of how she is feeling also, and that you are kind and friendly towards her, as this gentlemanly behaviour will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out if you feel a little worried about jeopardizing any of your bookings, and to make sure your date goes smoothly! Enjoy, and thanks for reading.