Picture Perfect

In today's day and age pictures and photo's seem to have more impact, relevance and important than most other forms of content today. Many of our main social media platforms are based on pictures such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest and this is a testament to how prevalent and impactful photo's are in our society.

Pictures and photos are used in everything and especially used in the business world to sell pretty much anything. Promo photos are used on all products including clothing and music. Music, something consumed by the ear and yet all music you can purchase comes with artwork or some kind of photograph.


Pose To Be Sexy

When clients land on our website and find themselves browsing through our extensive catalogue of London escorts, they are treated to individual profiles which display 2-6 pictures of the model on them.

These pictures help potential clients choose the woman they want and proceed with the booking. Recent studies have also shown that escorts who don't hide there face and display themselves properly have a higher booking rate than those models who hid away and continue to hide.

Your photos can display you as one way or if you wish to show off the multiple sides to your personality this is further recommended as it helps clients imagine you in different scenarios and indicates that you're open to different vibes.

Show yourself in photo's being playful and fun for the clients who may want to book a more innocent escort. You can also display yourself as a sexy hot mess in maybe some lingerie or a classy and sensual woman in an evening dress.

These different sides to your personality will further help your clients envision booking you and you may even get repeat clients who want to experience all the different sides to your personality. Remember, the photos have to sell your service, not just show what a stunningly beautiful woman you are.


Look The Part

Your 'look' outside of your actual pose is also an important factor to the overall image you're constructing for your client. This is because your look, including your facial expressions and general demeanor, even in a photo can be the reason someone decides to book you or not. For some clients, they may know exactly what and even who they want to book.

For example, it may be evident for some clients that they prefer blondes or brunnettes, others know whether they want a busty or a petite woman but for some clients, the decision on who they want can be a different deciding factor every time and it could be anything from the sexy look your giving the camera with your eyes, to your pout, to your clothing, to everything in between.


A Clothes Call

Some clients may book you solely on what you're wearing in your photo's and you can let your client know a lot about you just from what you choose to wear. Your preference in color, style, and type can all be indicated through your photo's and the different sides to your personality.

You may want to present yourself as a party girl and you can do this by showing off what a knock out you are in your night out dresses and high heels or you can choose to be more innocently naughty by presenting yourself in a naughty school girl uniform. Whatever you choose the clothing you wear can say a lot about you as an escort and your services, so choose clothing that best represents you.