How To Dress For A Booking With Our Escorts

Escorting is a profession where looking your best is pivotal to your success in the industry. Clients have high expectations when booking escorts because of course escorts are the elite and with this elite title comes many expectations of perfection. Clients expect escorts to always be perfectly dressed in expensive clothes with perfect make-up and hair and thanks to you being perfect, it's something you can provide.

Of course, you're beautiful, we're not here to talk about what's a given but due to escorting having such a competitive nature we can give you a few helpful tips for you to stay ahead of the game so let's talk about how you should dress to an escort meeting.

Like we said, escorting is an incredibly competitive industry and escorts come in all shapes and sizes so whether you fit in the BBW category, the petite or mature, it's important the clothes you choose compliment your body.

Everybody has certain clothes and fabrics that suit them best and compliment there features so it's worth taking out some time from your day to turn the music up and have a good ol' 80's fashion montage in your room and find out with clothes suit you best. When your clothing compliments you, your clients will notice this and be more impressed with you in general which can lead to repeat clientele.

As well as materials and dress types it's also good to experiment with colours. What colour are your eyes or your hair? Do the colours you picked for your clothing compliment, again take the time to experiment and find out exactly what suits you. Initially, this may feel like a somewhat gruelling task but once you've figured out what suits you best choosing clothes from this point on will be a way easier task for you.

Keep in mind that clients will book you for a number of reasons in different locations for possibly many different events. Some clients will book you for companionship, some will book you for a dinner date or escort them to a corporate or business event and some clients may just want to party the night away with you and paint the town red, whatever the occasion you have to be prepared to dress accordingly to what the date is.

Don't dress for a casual day in the town to a corporate event and so on. If you're client books you for two types of events and you dress accordingly to both it's a clear indication you are aware of your attire and the function you're attending and you have a higher chance of you're impressed client booking you again.

Once you've figured out the colours, materials and styles that choose you best one important thing to note is to make sure your absolutely comfortable. Not being comfortable in your clothes can result in a terrible performance from you as it will stick in your head. In the back of your mind whatever is niggling you about your clothes will continue to bother you, like having a small stone in your shoe.

If you are comfortable you will feel more confident and if you feel more confident evidently you will perform better and be a more relaxed person to be around so always make sure as well as looking drop dead gorgeous, you do in fact, keep yourself comfortable.

So there we have it, a few tips on how to be more comfortable in your attire when you go for a booking, remember to wear clothes that compliment you, colours that bring out your personality and most of all, remember to have fun!

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