How To Dress For Your Booking With An Escort Part 2

In our last blog we talked about how competitive of a profession escorting can be and how you can help get yourself ahead of the competition through the clothes you wear as attire is a huge part of clients fantasies with escorts. We talked about always looking your best, dressing to compliment your body through materials, colours and styles, dressing accordingly to the function for example whether it's a dinner date or a corporate event and the importance of comfortability and it's links to confidence.

So we thought, why stop there? Let's give a few more helpful little tips on how to dress for a booking starting with why you should dress to impress? Well, despite it being great getting new bookings from people you've never met before this does propose a small problem, which is you can never be sure when the next booking will be.

It could be hours it could be days but when you have a client who you've impressed enough to come back to you, you could end up with a repeat client who books you every week or twice a month or whatever his preference is, the point is you will now have a more solid indication of when your next payday is and if you have more than one repeat client, you will have more than one regular payday to count on.

Having new bookings is a wonderful thing, but one time bookings can be a more uncertain way of earning your money. Dressing to impress will increase your chances of getting regular clients who will be your bread and butter.

Sometimes you don't have to worry so much about if what you're wearing is going to impress your clients as they may already have something in mind making it easier for you. Some clients may too shy to request anything or say what they really like so during the screening process of the booking it's worth asking the client then if he has a particular dress or colour or style he wants to see you in.

It could even be possible he brings you something to wear if he has a really specific idea on what he wants to see you in. Finding this information out early can make it a lot easier for you to get ready for the booking.

Keep in mind that although your clients dream about you, you don't need to show too much flesh to be sexy, you don't have to show much at all. You can wear a number of dresses and outfits that compliment your style or make you look strong and powerful without being trashy.

Escorts are elite women, and part of the appeal is how classy escorts are so play to the class. Keep your make up subtle and your attire fancy, remember your client has already chose you, now you just have to look your perfect self. It's definitely worth noting that regardless of what you've chosen to wear or what the function is that you are attending with your client that you don't wear too much jewellery or jewellery that can get lost easy.

The last thing you want to be doing is trying to keep track of jewellery and looking for small pieces while you should be focusing on your client. Also if you have jewellery that's very expensive or of great sentimental value it's worth refraining from bringing them items with you as they could get lost or even stolen, so it's best to just avoid this or wear costume jewellery if you really want.

So there we have it, more helpful tips on how to dress accordingly for a booking and what you can do to increase your chances of repeat clientele, so remember, dress accordingly, be classy, inquire with your client and most of all, have fun!

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