How To Be Her Favourite

Escorts meet a number of clients and naturally when meeting this many people, some become favourites and others become a talking topic. I'm sure as a client you want your gorgeous London escort to be into you and think you're a gentleman but how do you do that? How do you know if you're not one of her more despised clients?

Not all clients deserve escorts or know how to treat them properly and with the industry already having a somewhat negative stigma with people unfamiliar with the industry, it doesn't help to have clients who are rude and disgusting towards escorts.

So, how do you become a favourite client and make sure you're someone she's actually excited to see and goes that extra mile to look perfect for you? We've developed a short-list of ideas to keep in mind to ensure you become one of her perfect gentleman bookings who she can't wait to see every time.


So let's get into it, starting with:

The Screening Process

This is the first step you take to booking a gorgeous escort in London. Agencies or the escort herself will go through a small screening process with you where they ask you for your basic information such as name, age, location, race and job. Some agencies may even go further and ask more personal or revealing questions such as you're yearly income.

Fear not though, this information isn't stored and it's simply for the agency to get a feel for who you are. Respecting this process and not telling the agency to f*** *ff is the best way to ensure you're booking goes smoothly.

Nobody is trying to steal your identity so you don't need that level of paranoia when giving your name, respect the screening process and understand it's something that has to be done. Escorts love someone who can confidently go through this process without seeming like they have something to hide.


Pay Properly

When it comes to your donation don't haggle. Don't try to bargain or get a deal. It makes you look pathetic and you shouldn't be interested in pursuing a booking if you can't afford one. Also, don't try to pay less after already agreeing to a price. Pay promptly and the amount agreed to and this will help you become a more attractive regular client.


Don't Bully

Some clients forget that just because they're paying for a service doesn't mean they own their escorts. Don't bully, be rude, or try to stalk your escort outside of the arranged booking you have with her.

This is not attractive and can get you black-listed from ever making any further bookings. Be respectful of her privacy and space outside of your time with her and she will look forward to seeing you a lot more.

Simply call us on 07501 911 524 to get in contact with our friendly and tactful members of staff or fill out our online form. Make sure the girl you're requesting to book is on the 'available today' gallery and keep in mind though we need 24-hour notice if you are using the online booking form.

Thank you for reading our blog, and happy booking!