How To Be Her Favourite Part 2

Not all clients deserve escorts or know how to treat them properly and with the industry already having a somewhat negative stigma with people unfamiliar with the industry, it doesn't help to have clients who are rude and disgusting towards escorts.

This was the focus of our last blog and today we thought we'd continue on with a few more helpful tips and pointers on how you can become her favourite client. So without further ado, let's get into it, in no particular order, starting with:


Ranting and Panting

Many clients book escorts to let off steam and relax themselves. whether this is physical, mentally or both, escorts are often in a position of trying to lift their client's spirits. Sometimes, unfortunately, that means every now and then clients use escorts as a tool to let off rants.

Please refrain from exposing your racist, homophobic or prejudice rants. Some escorts may be to professional to interrupt you but these type of rants make you look a lot less attractive and are a quick way to having yourself struggling to make bookings.


Learn About Her

Don't start stalking, but many escorts do like when their clients have done their research. This is because it's more special when a client has researched you, been through your profile, clicked on your pictures, read about you, the things you like and what you love to do before finally deciding you were the perfect woman for him.

Apposed to just randomly clicking any girl and booking her. Research on your escort lets her know there's another level of desire there and she was specifically chosen by you. We all liked to be desired, and this is a great way to end up in her good books.



Like we said, do your research. Find out what she likes and doesn't like from her profile and most of all check her services. Don't request any service she doesn't provide, and especially don't request it after the screening process when you had a chance to bring it up.

If she doesn't provide a role-play service, don't ask her to wear the nurse uniform. Respecting escorts, their profession and there decisions to participate or not in an activity is the best way to let her know you're a gentleman and have the utmost respect for her.



Lastly, respect her time. Don't call her randomly just to have a chat or try to surprise meet her outside of your arranged bookings. This can come across as creepy and stalkerish and as a client, we're sure you want to avoid looking like this at all costs.

Simply call us on 07501 911 524 to get in contact with our friendly and tactful members of staff or fill out our online form. Make sure the girl you're requesting to book is on the 'available today' gallery and keep in mind though we need 24-hour notice if you are using the online booking form.

Thank you for reading our blog, and happy booking!