How escorts can improve your sex life

If you and your other half haven’t exactly been hitting the light fantastic in bed recently then hiring AJ London escorts may just be the ignition fuel to recover your passion that you need.

That’s because our erotic escorts are complete professionals and as such have a catalogue of moves, ideas and general tips that can change the way you look at each other and prioritise intimacy as a couple. An escort can improve your sex life in so many ways, such as:

Impressing on you that great sex begins in the mind, not the bed

Your escort will show you how by flattering your other half, complimenting her and making her feel valued, you’ll give her the confidence to feel better in bed about herself. This, in turn, will reflect in her lovemaking where she’ll be more willing to try out what you both consider ‘daring’ stuff.

She’ll also give you ideas about what to say to in the form of whispering sweet nothings in her ear during lovemaking. This can prove highly erotic for many women, we’ve found here at escorts and it’s definitely worth persevering with if your lady isn’t ‘into it’ at first. For it to work best though don’t just talk about how she looks physically; tell her how smart she is, as well as flatter her talents or personality traits eg ambition, confidence etc.

Giving you new techniques to try out as a couple

Inviting an escort into your home and even bedroom shows you are open to new ideas and keen to experiment. That’s a great opening for improving your sex life. Because your escort has probably been working in her professional capacity for a number of years now, she will be familiar with ‘what works and what doesn’t’ in the bedroom. She will also have a few new tricks under her belt and even toys that she can both the show and demonstrate. And anyway, just having someone else in the bedroom – and a sexy, saucy ‘other’ at that – may be all the excitement and stimulation you both need to get fired up about sex again.

Adding to your role-playing

Role-playing can work well for couples but it can understandably become a little ‘samey’ after a while – especially if you’re both aware of how the scenario plays out. Not so if you introduce another into the equation, especially one who has her own ideas about how your little story is going to pan out. Having a third person to join in with your role-playing can also prove more exciting if it’s a domination or submission role-playing session you’re engaging in since there are so many more creative options available.

The above reasons only really scratch the surface of the kind of ways that an escort can improve your sex life. Why not have a read through some of the other articles on our website to really understand the fireworks being with an escort can result in.