Heel Before Me

A woman with the right shoes can conquer the world. That's how the saying goes highlighting the important relationship women have with shoes and more importantly, what escorts have with shoes. Escorts probably change there shoes and attire more than most people do as they aim to bring a high-level of standards.

Clients expect fancy clothing, lingerie and shoes and escorts change from booking to booking making sure they remain fresh and beautiful through out the day. Shoes are no exception, so whether your an escort looking for a new fancy pair of high-heels or a client who wishes to gift a bomb-shell booking with a beautiful pair of shoes, then we have the perfect list made-up for you.

The shoes chosen on our list are the high-end list of 2018 and most these shoes are priced north of $500. So let's get into some of these fantastic high-end shoes made for high-end escorts.

Alexander Mcqueen - $1645

Starting with the most expensive shoe on this list is the alexander mcqueen. Alexander Mcqueen is a brand becoming more and more well known every year thanks to its signature skull designs on many of it's items. Alexander Mcqueen found new street popularity with their scarves and have since been dominating the fashion world. Alexander Mcqueen himself used to be a costume designer in theatre which explains many of Alexander Mcqueens 16th century design influences which can be seen throughout his fashion.

Jimmy Choo - $1395

Jimmy Choo is a notorious name in fashion and especially women's shoes with the world of celebrities endorsing Jimmy choo from stars like Gigi Hadid, Lily Collins, Reese Whetherspoon and Rihanna all rocking a classic pair of Jimmy choo's. The shoes have also been name dropped in many different movies and songs making this brand one of the most well known brand of women's shoes and it seems like they're showing no signs to slow down with there new 2018 Jimmy choo Hologram shoe with fuses a classic sophisticated design mixed with psychadelic colours to give the shoes a little pop. The design is futuristic and elegant making it perfect for corporate events or any ballroom function.

Brian Atwood - $1,345

Brian Atwood, the Italian company which first managed to get itself a lot of attention after releasing the highly sought after Maniac Pump. An elegant and simple shoe which culminated a strong and powerful prescence made for the strong and powerful women. The shoes are pricy but for the incredible designs and elegance of this quality shoe, it is definitly worth the high price-tag and perfect for every woman who knows her worth.

Walter steiger - $500

in 1932 Walter Steiger started a women's shoe brand and today the Geneva based company is one of the biggest producers of fine high-heels in the world. Widely recognised for it's fun and wierd designs while remaining elegant and classy is the reason Walter Steiger has stores in some of the biggest fashion city's in the world such as Milan, London and New York. The shoe is as affordable as any high-end shoes go at a price of $500 it is definitly worth the purchase and sure to impress your clients, or your booking.

So there we have it, whether you're looking for a classy gift or some fancy new shoes to look like a knock out in check out some of the shoes in our list and the brands that produce them for some of the finest quality and designs in the world and just like Oprah, keep your feet on the ground, just wear better shoes.