Fantasies & Meanings

Don't we all love indulging in our fantasies every now and then? Whether that's living them out or simply thinking about them and having the fantasy can be a joyful experience. Fantasies can be pretty much anything that gets your motor going and everyone's engine runs on different petrol.

We all have different fetishes and preferences in the bedroom with different types of people and fantasies are no different but what do our fantasies say about us.

Today we thought we could go through some popular fantasies and discuss what they mean and what they say about us.


In no particular order, let's start with:


Bondage is about the transference of power and is all about one person having all the power and the other person being completely stripped of their power, and clothes. Bondage is a popular fantasy for many people, whether you want to be tied and gagged, or do the tying and gagging, bondage is popular with people who deal with power on a daily basis.

Many powerful men enjoy being dominated since they're usually the ones dishing out the power. For them, having a gorgeous London escort dominate them instead is different and highly sought after.


Dominating Men

Some men, strictly love to dominate regardless of who their sexual partner is. This is all about power and men who love to dominate love being in control of every aspect. This can usually stem from growing up with controlling figures.

In our sexual fantasies, we're able to control the situation and distribute a level of power we never could before. Many men who had controlling mothers or figures in their lives love dominating in the bedroom while many shy women love being dominated. Studies have shown women who are generally shy in everyday life, enjoy being dominated more and having someone recognise their shyness and still dominate them.


Forbidden People

Forbidden people are a popular fantasy in many of our heads. Whether this is a best friends partner, our boss, someones father or our professors, it seems like forbidden people and people we can't have or know we shouldn't have any interaction with are a lot more attractive. This is because of the potency of taboo.

Wanting what we can't have is not new or an exception to our sexual needs. We all have fantasies about people we know we can't have and it seems like wanting what we can't have is quite the sign of a rebellious person who's looking to break the rules and experience what they shouldn't.

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