Fantasies & Meanings Part 2

Don't we all love indulging in our fantasies every now and then? Whether that's living them out or simply thinking about them and having the fantasy can be a joyful experience.

On our last blog, we went through some fantasies an what they possibly say about us through there meaning. Today we figured, in our classic fashion to follow it up with a part two, featuring more fantasies and more meanings. So let's get into some of the fun antics we love to get up to, starting with:


Watching Sex

For some people, watching sex is just as fun, if not more pleasurable then actually taking part. Many men have a fantasy of watching their own partners have sex with someone else. This is usually from wanting to appreciate your partner even more.

From the outside it may seem like watching your partner sleep with another man is preposterous but for some men the only time they really get to see their partner in all her glory is to watch her as an outsider and some men feel watching their partner perform in all her glory is just as satisfying as being with her.


Strange Sex

Having sex with a stranger can be invigorating because it's all about the physical pleasure and there are no feelings, emotions, commitments, responsibilities or disappointment to deal with. With a stranger you don't have to worry about acting out of character, or behaving a certain way, or meeting up to a particular standard.

You can be yourself or anybody you want too and after you're both done, you can simply part your ways and not worry about any further commitments to each other,


Sex In Ages

Having sex with someone younger or older can be incredibly stimulating for both your senses and your body and is the reason this is a popular fantasy for so many people. For some women, the pleasure of an older man can stem from 'daddy issues' or simply wanting to be with someone who seems more powerful and knowledgeable about what they're doing.

The same thing goes for mature women. Younger men like mature women who are experienced and less shy about what they're willing to do. The other way around can also be stimulating. Being with someone full of youthful energy and charm can also rub off on you and give you a new spark of energy.

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