Our Escorts Love Gifts And Surprises

If you've ever had the pleasure of booking a beautiful escort then you know escorts are some of the most elite and beautiful women in the world and it's hard to imagine any of em taking an interest in us which is why when she does all she can to please us, it's polite to give something back in return. I mean you're a gentleman, you tip your waitresses right? Why not tip your escort or better yet give her a gift she can use or just appreciate. 

If you're not sure on what gift to get your gorgeous escort then we have you covered with a short list of incredible and easy to find gifts that you can use to put a smile on your gorgeous escort. So let's start in no particular order with a classic gift:


chocolates are a classic gift because well, everybody loves chocolates and they're not hard to find from any store to speciality chocolate stores like Thorntons and Hotel Chocolates you should have no problem finding a great gift. To be more personal chocolate stores like Thorntons do offer a custom service where you can get a slab of chocolate with anything you want to be written on it.

On the other hand, you can opt simply for a box of chocolates as there is a selection box for every type of flavour palette, preference and occasion so as a nice thank you, get your gorgeous woman a personalised or box of chocolates and if you're lucky enough, she may just share them. 


Perfumes are another classic gift for women but a slightly more expensive present than chocolate. Have some small talk with your gorgeous date as it will help break the ice and give you a sneaky chance to learn about her favourite things such as what chocolate she prefers, the perfume smells she's attracted too, what kind of dresses and lingerie she likes to wear and simple things like what her favourite colour is. Small talk can give you an insight into her mind and make it easier for you to choose a present or a fragrance.

The perfume store is a great place to start as their always friendly members of staff will guide you through the latest products and what kind of products are targeting what kind of demographics. The perfume store also does gift boxes with a selection of body lotions and a neatly wrapped bow to make it the perfect present. These gift boxes are generally affordable and your escort is sure to love this gift. 


Candles are a great present for anyone especially an escort as she may not be expecting it. Clients will often get her shoes or dresses so getting a gift a little out of the box shows you thought about it a little more and candles are a perfect gift for almost any type of event or situation.

Whether you are being romantic, saying thank you, apologising or congratulating someone a candle or candles are always a fitting present. the best thing about candles is they come in a range of sizes, colours, smells and uses and are very widely available from many stores and online so it should be no problem picking out the perfect candle for your perfect woman. 

High Heels

Women can never have too many shoes. Escorts definitely can never have too many shoes. As you probably know escorts are quite busy. From booking to booking the attire has to be changed and fresh clothes have to be worn which means escorts go through clothing a lot more regularly than most of us so having an extra pair of shoes lying around is never a bad idea. Get her a pair of heels she can wear for herself or for work making her decision on what to wear, thanks to you, that little bit easier.

Of course, high heels can go for up £2000 so we're not expecting you to shell out on the most expensive pair unless you want to of course. But high heels can come in a range of prices and styles and picking the right pair really depends on preference so if you want a bit of an idea to what she likes or is currently wearing, take a cheeky swipe through her photos on her online profile and figure out what colour and style your goddess is into.


Just like heels, an escort can never have too much lingerie. As we said, escorts often change there outfit from booking to booking which means they have a nice little stockpile of lingerie and adding to that collection is sure to please your escort. The best thing about shopping for escorts is there's no confusion to what will fit her.

Most escorts on the agency website will have a profile detailing all of there specifications and measurements for clients to decide exactly who they want and along with this comes the information you need to get her exactly what will fit her perfectly and have her looking like a knock-out. Hey you never know, she might even wear it for you. 

So there we have it, a short-list of some great gift ideas for your escort to display your gratitude and to say thank you to her for er services and performing so well. Remember, escorting is a profession and a service and like any other service you are provided, saying thank you and giving a tip is always good manners. Have fun!