London Escorts Love To Attend Christmas Parties

We’re guessing that you are right in the midst of a series of Christmas parties right now. If that’s the case and you’re currently working or living in London then some of those functions you are attending may well contain guests who have stepped right from the online pages of our website.

That’s because as one of the capital’s leading high-quality escorting agencies we are regularly asked to supply gorgeous, articulate, interesting and fun girls to a number of corporate events, and Christmas parties in particular. Why? Because these lovely ladies are always guaranteed to get parties off to a swinging start; potential wallflowers will be forced to dance!

Not only that but because of these bubbly blondes, brunettes and redheads are often usually part-time lingerie or catwalk models, they add a specific type of glamour to the PR photos which go on to appear in glitzy magazines and newspaper supplements afterwards such as the Sunday Times and Tatler.

What do party escorts do?

Rather than attend a party as a straight-forward guest, there are times when our glamorous AJ party escorts will be asked to take part in a special party act, such as dressing up as the Christmas fairy then popping out of a giant replica cake Marilyn Munro-style. Then again, they might be asked to serve cocktails dressed in sexy little elf outfits. It’s all great fun and certainly gets party guests talking and mingling quicker.

Can I get a specific type of party girl?

You may be having a Latin American-themed party and only want girls from that part of the world to be your party escorts. Certainly, here at AJs, we have girls from just about every part of the globe working with us. This means we also have lovely ladies who can speak a range of different languages from Finnish to Italian and even Russian (and who are regularly hired for international corporate launches and deals).

Then again, perhaps you want only tall, leggy blondes to attend your party or fiery redheads? Again, we can come up trumps. We even have ladies who can Salsa and Tango, Limbo dance, do the splits and fire eat! In fact, feel free to come up with any bizarre request – we may just have a lovely lady or even two who can fulfil it!

Do party girls supply their own outfits?

Our ladies are regularly asked to attend swanky functions so you can rest assured that they have the garments to ‘dress to the nines’ when required. But they also have access to fun costumes and accessories (such as the aforementioned Sexy Elf or a Bunny Girl outfit). Their stock in trade is to look saucy and sexy though so they will always be able to dress in a range of skin-tight and shiny PVC outfits – in a range of colours - at the drop of a hat.

Want to more about the AJs party girls? Then take a check out today. Merry Christmas!