Choosing the right kind of escort for you (a check list)

If you have never had the fun of being with an escort before then it’s a good idea to do a bit of research beforehand. This doesn’t just mean that you’re armed better with knowledge of what to expect when you do meet up with your lovely lady in London, but will also make for a memorable encounter – in all the right ways.

By ‘research’ we mean having a checklist of questions you want to be answered. Make sure you have this written down before you even pick up the phone or email your chosen escort. That’s because getting the answers to these will let you know whether you should proceed with this particular girl/agency or look somewhere else. Here’s the type of checklist we recommend in the capital:

Not all escort agencies are equal. If you’re looking to hire a gorgeous girl from an escort agency then check that it’s a reputable company with first-class ladies that you’re dealing with, like ourselves here at AJs. You can find out by checking their feedback from various online resources (don’t just rely on feedback on their own website). We also offer a cheap range of prices across many of our girls to ensure anyone gets the chance to book a hot escort.

Another very good reason for choosing your escort from an agency – one which particularly applies to foreign men - is to make sure you don’t end up in jail! That’s because the agency will have checked that all the wonderful women they have working with them are escorts are over the age of 18. Were the girl aged 17 and under you would be committing an offence here in the UK because she’d be regarded as a ‘minor.’

Make sure you are asked questions when booking. As well as a number of basic background questions (which helps with verification) the agency you contact should also want to know a bit about your own pleasure principles. For instance, do you like girls - such as our own at AJs - to dress glamorously, role play, use bondage etc? Asking and finding out about these kinds of traits mean the agency is serious about matching you with the right girl – rather than giving you whatever lady happens to be available on your chosen night and at that particular location.

Is your chosen escort professional and confident?

When you are lacking in experience when it comes to being with a gorgeous escort in the capital then you will definitely want to be with a gorgeous girl who knows what she’s about. In other words, an experienced escort who will be able to make you feel at ease in her company. She should also ensure you can get the most from your encounter by taking pleasure without feeling embarrassed or awkward. A good escort will always be confident enough to take control of the situation and able to guide you so that you remain within certain lines of etiquette.

For more information on choosing the correct escort for you then take a look at our website where you’ll get a host of advice and encounter some incredibly versatile and gorgeous escorts.