Celebrate the new year in style with AJ London Escorts

It’s that time of the year again – when we usher out the Old Year and invite in the New Year. We’re hoping that you’re planning to start off 2018 in style and if so, why not get in touch with some of our gorgeous girls here at AJ London escorts to help you do so?

We have lots of lovely ladies famed for their abilities to get a party started. And we all love a New Year party – or Hogmanay as they refer to it in Scotland. Professional socialisers the lot of them, no potential wallflower is left unplucked. They are also delighted to take part in any elaborate dance routines or fun acts to liven your party up if it feels that there is a bit of a lull in the evening.

What sort of events do party escorts attend?

From high-profile corporate sponsorship launches to the opening of a new Michelin-starred restaurant and a national charity gala do, our enthusiastic party escorts at AJs can be guaranteed to be the sole of discretion and, at the same time, the life and soul of the party (or, at least the ones who, behind the scenes, are making sure that everyone is dancing, socialising and having what is most certainly a jolly good time).

Unless you tell them, no-one at the party will ever know you’ve hired these lovely ladies as we always make up a very plausible backstory for them. However, your guests will know that they aren’t going to let the fizz out of your party until the very end of the evening and it’s time to head home anyway.

Do party escorts do one-on-one encounters?

Many of our party escorts here at AJs work individually as well as in groups for parties and other events. That means they are just as comfortable on a one-person date as they are turning up to a glitzy event. So, if you’ve been browsing our website under the Party Escorts category and found a lady you very much like the look of, then chances are she also does individual bookings too. If it doesn’t already say so on her profile then you can probably find her under other categories on the website.

Would an escort be available for ‘The Bells’?

If you would like to bring in the New Year in the fashion that you intend to proceed with (booking lots of lovely escort ladies) then why not hire a beautiful babe to Bring in the Bells with you at midnight on New Year’s Eve? Many of our girls are available for this special occasion and would no doubt be delighted to meet a new client while guaranteed to have a great time either at a party or as part of an impromptu couple.

To find out what we have planned here for 2018 at AJs, then regularly take a look at our website where we’ll be writing about a number of related topics from what to expect when you book an escort, to the different kinds of services you can expect to receive. In the meantime, we look forward to meeting you next year!