Escorting enables you to flourish socially, you get to meet new and exciting people, attend glamorous events and see cool new sights. However, amongst all the glamour and buzz of providing companionship, there are a few dangers that can also arise, and it’s important to be aware of these to keep us safe. Meeting strangers can be exciting as there is so much you could learn from people who have lived completely different walks of life, however it can also put you in a vulnerable position.

In this post, we’re going to go over 3 things to be cautious about if you are an escort, or considering joining the profession, and ways in which you can protect yourself from these risks to enjoy socialising, and livening up peoples lives! In no particular order, let’s begin:


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

To start with quite a bold header, this is something that is extremely crucial to be aware of to keep your health safe. This is something that can so easily be brushed off and it’s something that we assume will never fall upon us, however, it’s easily done.

No matter how careful you are, by remaining clean, getting check-ups at sexual health clinics and practising safe sex, others may not be as cautious as you are when it comes to these things, whether it’s unknowingly or not. Of course, over time as your personal clientele increases, it’s important that you take extra precaution when it comes to intimacy to prevent being at risk of carrying an STD. Take care that if you are a carrier, to refrain from engaging in sexual activity until you are clear and have been checked, and that you are aware of who passed on the STD to you to keep yourself out of risk in the future.


Law Enforcement

With a bit of a grey area and stigma attached to the profession of escorting, sometimes law enforcement is something that escorts feel the need to have their guard up about, and to be attentive of. Within the industry, many sex workers are only convicted when it comes to street crime or “curb crawling”, which can put a client and escort both in hot water!

Escorts decrease the risk of getting into any legal trouble by being discreet about how they carry out and arrange their services. This includes booking clients via telephones and not exchanging money for the escorts services in a public area where they are in sight of everyone. Arranging to meet in a mutual location such as a hotel, is wiser than frequently visiting the clients home as some nosy neighbours might jump to their own conclusions and feel the need to report witnessing you visiting your client.


Abusive Clients

The heading speaks for itself, and like we highlighted in the intro, there’s always a risk when it comes to meeting strangers, especially if we have no idea what they even look like, or what their personality is like. Unfortunately, not everyone In the world is full of kindness or has a huge heart, and you may encounter some clients who may just be really rude or may have a bit of a temper triggered by something as simple as being refused the request to haggle a service fee. Some clients may become temperamental, and become physically and verbally abusive. As everything is professionally managed, your agency will have an awareness of your booking in order to keep you safe.

Being aware of certain risks involved in any profession will help keep you more focused and a lot more cautious in order to keep yourself out of harm's way. Escorting is something that is an enjoyable, and liberating experience at times and is something that hopefully with some tips and advice, we can guide you through safely enjoying your profession. Thanks for reading, have fun and most importantly, be safe!