Best Films To Watch With Your Escort

We've all heard the term Netflix & Chill and we know what it implies but, why is this? What're the connections to movies and the bedroom? Or cinemas and sex? Or for that matter, Hollywood and sex.

The film industry and the sex industry seem to be simultaneous at times and sometimes the best way to get in the mood for a bit of naughtiness is with a good ol' classic Hollywood Blockbuster. So without further ado, let's get into some of the great films you could watch with your gorgeous London escort, to get in the mood and break the ice a little.

In no particular order, let's start with:


50 Shades Of Grey - Drama/Thriller

You knew that was coming right? 50 Shades of Grey follows the story of a university student who comes across the chance to interview young billionaire businessman Christian Grey. The encounters are intense from the first one and thus starts an interesting affair between the two which pushes the boundaries of BDSM and explores the true line between pleasure and pain. This film might be a little more suited for those of you into extreme domination.


9 1/2 Weeks - Drama, Mellowdrama

Arguably the film that 50 Shades wanted to be. Not watered down by the fear of commercial failure or worry of adapting a beloved book faithfully, 9 and a half weeks connivingly explores a relationship between a Wallstreet Wolf and an art gallery assistant who find themselves pushing the boundaries of sex with each encounter. From stripteasing to Bondage, the encounters get more intense and sexier with each meeting.


American Pie - Romance/Comedy

If you've never seen or heard of American Pie you're missing out. American Pie follows a group of sexually frustrated students who decide before the year is out, they just have to lose their virginity. The mission to manhood sets them on an epic path of failure, rejection, and embarrassment with plenty of raunchy comedy. A great film to lift spirits and have you feeling a little naughty. Just, keep it away from any food.


The 40-Year-Old Virgin - Rom/Com

Another romance comedy with plenty of naughtiness, the 40-year-old virgin follows Steve Carrel. A TV salesman who falls in love with a local shop owner but does everything he can to avoid sleeping with her and revealing the embarrassing truth, he's a virgin.


Risky Business - Drama Crime

A little on the nose so you may want to check with your gorgeous London escort before putting this on. Risky business follows Tom Cruise as a student who starts an escorting agency from his home the minute his parents leave for vacation. Quite the risky business indeed, and possibly a naughty little topic for your gorgeous escort to relate too.

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