Best Bedroom Songs

There are all kinds of vibes people aim for in the bedroom depending on their preference, of course, but if you want a playlist of catchy and great songs to do the dance with no pants too, then we've got you covered. Baring in mind these aren't the best love songs. After all this isn't the love connection, but these are definitely great songs to play while you and you're gorgeous London escort get down to business.

So without further ado, let's get into some of the great songs you can play when you're with your companion that isn't too distracting.

In no particular order, let's start with:

Sex With Me - Rihanna

As the title suggests, this song, is very clearly, about sex and Rihanna is no stranger to the topic in her music. Often making raunchy songs such as Rudeboy, SNM and Cake, Rihanna loves teasing all of us who fancy her with graphic lyrics on how much she wants it and can take it. Quite the perfect artist to have on when you're with your bomb-shell booking.


Birthday Sex - Jeremih

Again, the title suggests enough. This song would probably work better if it's your actual birthday but regardless, the song is catchy and get's played somewhere at least once a day. Whether it's your born-day or not, our gorgeous escorts in London will have you feeling like it's your actual birthday.


Earned It - The Weeknd

Not known for his 'bangers' The Weeknd often makes songs that have you thinking about your ex and contemplating your current relationship status. However, that doesn't stop The Weeknd from adding a slurred, drunk, euphoric atmosphere to every room that's graced with his music, and after a few drinks and a hit of The Weeknd, you'll enjoy your gorgeous escort like never before.


Slow Motion - Trey Songs

Trey Songs isn't known for his sweetheart lyrics or soft songs. Rather he's known for his bedroom anthems, His albums basically sound like a sex playlist and if you want to get in the mood, Trey Songz is definitely one of the artists to create a naughty ambience for you and your London escort.


Marvins Room - Drake

What can be said about Drake? The sensitive rapper and possibly the only guy in the world who actually understands women's complex emotions. Drake has built his entire career off of the premise he understands women and when it comes to his slower anthem such as Marvins Room or Shot For Me, Drake definitely proves himself as one who underatands and as one of the definitive artists for the bedroom.

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