Bag To The Future

For the average woman, her bag and the contents of her bag are incredibly private and where a woman holds all the essentials she needs and whatever else she feels she needs to have with her. No one else is to carry this bag unless she says so and no one should ever look inside a woman's bag.

That being said, for escorts, especially beautiful elite women like ours at AJ escorts, the contents of her bag are even more important since this is where escorts keep all the essentials and back-ups they need to make sure the booking goes as smoothly as possible. If you're an aspiring escort you may learn a thing or two from this blog and if you're an active escort you may already be carrying everything on this list, and if you're not, it's probably worth thinking about. So without any further ado, let's get into some of the things you will need to prepare for a booking.


Starting with:

Charged Phones

This might be an obvious one, but make sure you have a charged phone with you at all times and a charger to make sure when you're the phone is running low on battery you can charge it at a hotel room during one of you're bookings. Making sure you're the phone is charged ensures you can keep in contact with your agency, client and anyone else you may need to call in an emergency or any other situation. A phone and charger are essential, especially if you're planning to go from one booking to another.



Make sure to keep some I.D on you. Now you may fall into the bracket of escorts who for whatever personal reason to them keep their true identities concealed. So for this, we don't recommend flashing your identification around but a hotel or a bar may ask to see some identification before allowing you to proceed to make sure you're carrying some I.D and also that you keep it safely hidden away.


Cash Money

You should always keep some petty cash money on you. This is to make sure you can always pay for small things and get around such as taxi's, public transport and even food. The last thing you want to be doing is relying on a client to get you to and from places. Also managing your money separately and not just spending your booking as you get it will help you save your money a little bit and manage it a lot better.


Extra Stockings

Now, of course, you want to impress your client and make sure you're the high-end escort he's been expecting so a classy lady will always carry with her an extra pair of stockings. The last thing you want is to find a hole or a tear in your favourite pair of stockings that are noticeable to your client. Ouch.



To make sure you're fresh before, during and after you're booking it's essential you carry with you some basic make-up for retouches and touch-ups to make sure your makeup is on point before a booking and to make sure you leave the booking looking as beautiful as you came. Along with this, an elite escort will carry with her a small bottle of perfume, deodorant and a nail file to make sure every part of her is looking as good leaving as she came.

So there we have it, a short-list of 5 things escorts carry with them in those bags, so if you're someone considering this profession remember these essentials, and if you're actively escorting we're sure you're already carrying all these things with you. We hope you enjoyed our list and for all the clients out there, remember, no peaking.