Bag To The Future Part 2

In our last blog post, we talked about how private a woman's bag is and further went on to discuss the contents of an escorts bag and what she might carry with her to make the booking proceed as smoothly as possible. Now if you're an escort you may get a few ideas but ultimately we're confident you already carry everything on this list.

For any aspiring escorts out there take notes for carrying these items with you will make your life a lot easier. In our last blog, we went over phones and chargers, keeping identification on you, carrying cash money, extra stockings, basic makeup, deodorant, nail file and perfume. Today we're going to go through another short list of what items escorts carry to prepare for a booking. So now we got the essentials of the essentials out the way, let's move on.


In no particular order let's start with:

Hair Clips and Brush

As an escort you may find yourself on in-call bookings and out-call and on both these bookings you may end up with a client you feel needs to wash or maybe you need to wash before starting. Your client may even request you have a wash on arrival, not because you smell or anything, just simply for their own piece of mind. For these reasons it's a good idea to carry with you some extra hair clips and brushes so you can put your hair up when you wash and fix it before and after you're booking.


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Again, basic toiletries may be something to consider carrying with you on a booking and this includes a toothbrush and toothpaste. The last thing you want to be doing is sharing a toothbrush with a client, it's best to have your own and use your own toothpaste too. Minimising what you have to ask your client for, for you to prepare, helps you be a way more pleasant booking. Your client will know you're well prepared and this is a good indication that you pay attention to what you do and take pride in. Qualities that are sought for in an escort.


Candles & Lighter

Now, we don't expect you to carry around Yankee Candle's catalogue of smells, but on occasion, carrying some candles for ambience can really enhance the experience of the booking. A good tip is to try to judge exactly what the client is looking for in terms of vibe, or you could ask him. If you're the client is looking for the girlfriend experience with an attentive woman he can feel close too, you may want to bring some candles to further enhance the romance and simulate a better experience for your client. As well as candles you can also use scented oils to burn or even incense.



Everyone has some sort of streaming service or playlist they go to when they want to hear the music. In case your client is ill-prepared for this you can have your own playlist or ask your client what music he likes and gather a playlist suited for the booking. Music can really enhance the vibe of a meeting and create an emotion in the atmosphere. Obviously, make sure you're the client is ok with this, he may not want to hear any music, but just in case he does, keeping a playlist or some music streaming service on your phone is a great idea.

So there we have it, another short-list of a few more things you can carry with you to ensure you're booking goes as smoothly as possible. Happy Escorting!