An Interview With A London Escort Part 1

Have you ever wondered how your gorgeous escort became an escort? Or if you're gorgeous London escort has any favourite clients? Not questions you should really be asking her so we thought we could do it for you by interviewing some of our girls to see what they say. No names will be revealed to protect identities but we thank everyone who participated and now we'd like to share what our London lovelies had to say.

So for this articles sake, we'll call her 'Daisy'.

Daisy is a beautiful young woman who's been with us for a while and has proven very popular with her clients so we thought we'd try to find out a little bit more. Let's get into it:


Q: So straight to it, obvious first question Daisy, how did you become the gorgeous London escort you are?

A: Ha, I don't know about gorgeous, but escorting was something I kind of just fell into you know? My friend suggested some modelling as a part-time gig, which was fine. A little boring. She then expressed her interest in adult entertainment to me and said I could earn more and have more fun as a companion, and i've not looked back since.


Q: Did you always want to do something like this?

A: Honestly, I don't know but I think it was always kind of there, you know. I had read books about companions before and watched movies on escorts and had the quick thought ' I could probably do that' but I would brush the thought away as fast it came.


Q: So do you plan to do this forever?

A: I'm a student as well, I am studying and hoping to progress in the field I'm interested in, but escorting is perfect for me right now and honestly I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Maybe one day, but not today.


Q: Who's your favourite client?

A: I have many regular clients. They're all lovely but very different in their own ways. They enjoy different services and have very different approaches to how they spend their time with me, which is fine for me, it keeps things interesting. As far as a favourite I don't have one, but I enjoy many of the different scenarios I end up in with my clients.


Q: Who's your worst client?

A: Again, I don't have a favourite's and worsts. I just have clients I like and the ones I don't, I just don't bother seeing again. Anything from a client can turn me off. Whether it's trying to haggle when it comes to the donation or begging for more time. I have clients who don't even use all their time and still tip me with gifts and are ultimate gentleman. Other clients want to behave like they own you and feel like they can demand more time or try to undercut you but this is a fast way to get black-listed and I personally don't take those bookings again.


Q: Do you're family and friends know?

A: Definitely not. I know some girls are very open about it and have told their families and friends and that's great, but like I said I want to keep escorting a seperate entity to my private life and on top of that I'm not really sure how my parents will react. I'm quite convinced they'd be supportive but I still choose to just avoid that all together, if I can.


Q: Do you still get nervous before seeing clients?

A: Not the way I did on my first booking but I definitely find my heart racing or my palms getting sweaty before meeting a client. Mainly a new client because I have no idea what to expect.

They could be incredibly good looking, or charming or have something in store for me I wasn't quite prepared for. It's always exciting and a little nerve-wracking on the way to a new booking but most of the time, it's just the excitement of what's about to come.


Q: Do you have any 'typical' clients?

A: Hmm, i'd say middle aged men. They're usually married and in unhappy marriages at that and they have careers that are quite demanding. Often travelling or spending many hours in hotel rooms on their own.

It's a lonely life for many of my clients, even the ones with wives so I'd say my typical client is the middle-aged man, with plenty of money, not so much time, and a very bored mentality.

They're all perfect gentleman and I enjoy an older take-charge kinda guy, which is probably why I enjoy the clients I have so much.


Q: What's the best gift you've ever got?

A: That's tough. I've been given everything from lingerie to jewellery to perfume and chocolates. I'd say the most insane was I was offered to be taken abroad for four days while my client was on a business trip, I declined the offer because I wasn't in a position to disappear for four days but that was pretty insane.


Q: Can anyone become an escort?

A: Theoretically yes. There's a market for every type of woman and clients love booking all kinds of women so I definitely think that anyone could be an escort but that being said escorting takes a lot of work

Like anything you want to be good at you have to dedicate time, be hard working, enthusiastic and caring. You have to look after clients even when you're not feeling up for it and not every booking is going to be your dream man.

Not everyone is cut out to be an escort. Just to keep your body in shape it takes a lot of exercise and dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. A lot goes into being elite, and not everyone's prepared to make those leaps.

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