Four Risks To Dating A Client

Being aware and cautious of arising risks when it comes to anything is especially important to safeguard ourselves, and this is the same when it comes to relationships between two individuals. This is especially important when it comes to the rare (but very possible) situation of an escort falling in love with her client, and deciding to pursue a personal relationship with them, as well as continuing to remain an escort.

Of course, it’d be hard for our clients at AJ London to not fall for our exquisite escorts, but what happens when it’s the escort who’s found herself catching some feels? Here’s a quick list of four possible risks to dating a client, in order to keep you aware and ready if you decide to follow your natural feelings, and pursue a whole new type of relationship with a client:


Threat of Exposure

The last thing on your mind when in a relationship is what would happen if things didn’t exactly go to plan, all you’re thinking about when you’re that smitten with someone is how much you want to stare at them and be within their vicinity all day! However, for escorts, especially for escorts who choose to protect their identity, it’s important to be aware of the level of trust we have for our new partner.

Parting bitterly in a relationship can leave you subject to him revealing information out of anger, that you may not want to be revealed. E.g. posting on your personal Facebook page about your escorting services, revealing your profession to loved ones. This can jeopardise any other personal ties you have, and of course can be emotionally very stressful if your profession is something that you’ve been particularly careful about keeping concealed.


Same Difference

Connecting with someone and having a crazy amount in common doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the same perspective on things at all. Certain things your partner may view as completely wrong, whereas you might see it as the opposite, and you can butt heads a bit, over little things.

One big thing that’s important to be wary about to avoid misunderstandings is how your partner views your profession. Of course as an ex-client, he may feel as though if you’re continuing your profession, that you’re still seeking someone or something out, and that you aren’t happy with him, whereas you may simply just see it as your profession and something that you should be able to do anyway, in a relationship, or not.


Wishing For Different Circumstances

It can be difficult being in a relationship with an ex-client if it’s a constant reminder of how you met each other. You could be gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly one night, and your partner may remember that he met you through escorting and let his imagination get carried away with him. It may upset you both that you met through such unique circumstances, and it may be a difficult conversation for you both to have, especially when it comes to explaining to others the story of how you both met each other.

As an escort, you may wish that you met where you were able to fully be yourselves, and to show him the best version of yourself, as many escorts show a persona throughout their profession in order to protect their identity. As an escort, you may not want your partner to have first witnessed you in that type of profession, however of course if someone loves you they will love you for you, and all that entails.


Blurred Lines

You may be lucky enough to have a partner who is fully understanding of your profession; after all, they did meet you through it! However, over time this understanding can sometimes become fraught as feelings become more intense over the course of the relationship. Things that didn’t use to make us insecure may suddenly become an issue, for example if you’re continuing to be an escort, your partner may find it increasingly difficult to accept your profession, and as an independent woman, this may cause difficulty for you being able to cater to someone else and their worries and stresses.

Feelings of love, and being into someone are amazing but of course, with everything, it’s important to be aware of risks to keep ourselves safe and happy. Happy escorting and dating too if you wish, and as always thanks for reading!