A Short History Lesson On Soho

Soho is one of London’s most famous districts, it’s known as a place of pure indulgence and fun. You’ll find many young and wild girls in this area all in pursuit of a good time, the atmosphere in Soho is genuinely electric and the night rages on you’ll see people partying and dancing until the first light of dawn in some of these fantastic clubs.

Soho is known for it’s proximity to all that’s fun and interesting in West London including the theatre district and Carnaby Street. But did you know that the name Soho dates back to a 17th-century hunting cry? Many historians believe that its original usage was by the 1st Duke of Monmouth, who would shout ‘Soho’ before the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685. But it was over half a century later that the word would be used as the name for this West London district.

During the 18th century Soho became the fashionable place for London’s upper-classes to live, much of the architecture and the coloured brick from this period is still visible today in Soho’s senior residences. For a period Soho also became known as London’s French Quarter due to the large factions of French people taking up headquarters in the area, the influence from our European cousins helped give Soho an air of sophistication.

Sadly Soho has always known it’s share of troubles as well, once the beating heart of London’s sex industry for more than two hundred years, many places and people in Soho felt the burn when the Street Offences act of 1959 was implemented. Another Soho tragedy was an outbreak of Cholera in 1854 was linked to a public pump on Broadwick Street. However, the mapping of the epidemic and it’s spread through water by Dr John Snow advanced the way Cholera was treated for future generations.

During the 20th century, Soho went through a sort of cultural renaissance becoming a beacon for artists, writers and musicians from around the world who want to feel inspired by this glorious part of West London. Soho was largely influential in the UK music scene, Club Eleven is regarded as the first place at jazz was performed in the UK and is a place of importance to many. Sites such as Moka was a formative part of Beatnik culture during the 1950s, and the work produced there is still a point of inspiration for many writers to this very day.

One of the most memorable spots in Soho is Trident Studios at 17 St Anne’s Court, often considered one of the largest and best recording studios in London. This was the place where The Beatles recorded the bulk of their White Album. Furthermore several of Queen’s Albums were also recorded in this infamous studio.

Soho attracts many people over the years, the history of this place cannot be understated as it informs a lot of this district today. It’s exciting and fast moving energy is the perfect place to book a date with one of our Soho escorts today.

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