7 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Everybody has sexual fantasies. Whoever said they don't is clearly lying. Whether our fantasies are vanilla or extremely obscure there is no denying we all experience fantasies at different levels and we all have our own different things that turn us on.

Dr. Justin Lehimiller is a sex therapist and while researching for his book 'Tell Me What You Want' Dr. Lehimiller interviewed up to 4175 Americans to find out there sexual preferences and fantasies and to see if there were any emerging patterns. From his research, Dr. Justin Lehimiller concluded there are 7 common fantasies most of us experience or think about.

So today we thought we could go through these seven, in no particular order starting with:


Three Of A Kind

Threesomes are one of the most common fantasies in the world and other studies have shown it's one of the top three fantasies for males. Dr. Lehimiller found a massive 89% of people had fantasized about being in a threesome and of the 89% who had spouses, many of them imagined their other halves as part of the fantasy.

For males most commonly the fantasy is to have two females but the studies showed females had no real preference towards gender. The act of the threesome itself was enough.


Spanking Good Fantasy

BDSM and bondage are one of the most common fantasies and it's not hard to see why. Many people have fantasies of being dominated or dominating themselves and this study showed up to 65% of people were into some sort of BDSM practice such as biting, spanking and hot wax. The study also showed women have a more frequent desire to be dominated.


Pain is Pleasure

Shaking things up was a common fantasy and probably with people whose relationships have since become stale. Many people fantasize about exciting sexual encounters or just to do it with someone else.

Having sex with a different partner is a huge fantasy for people in relationships and many people also enjoy watching their own partner get intimate with someone else. This is an indication that your partner is desired and can make you desire them more, and the feeling of jealousy can be a huge aphrodisiac in the bedroom. When the taboo is involved, pain becomes pleasure.


Public Sex

Public sex or the idea of getting caught is one of the common fantasies found. Especially with women who commonly said they fantasize about sex in public places such as the office, the park or in a lift.

Keep an eye out for our next blog where we finish off the seven most common fantasies.

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