5 Tips On Breaking The Ice

Whenever we speak to people for the first time it can be incredibly daunting, nerve wrecking and intimidating. Some of us are a lot smoother and can easily approach any conversation in any social setting without going through the palm-sweating process of trying not to look or say something stupid.

That's a common fear of many of us, that we'll be perceived a lot less intelligent than we actually are. Many of us are confident in our own space and elements and we have quite the personalities, but whenever we're confronted with an unfamiliar situation, it can feel like last nights curry is about to resurface.

Whenever you meet one of our gorgeous London escorts for the first time you might find yourself experiencing a similar flood of emotions and nerves. We don't blame you, our women are absolutely stunning and are often described as 'perfect' or 'elite' in London.

Our high-class escorts are beautiful enough to intimidate the most confident of clients but fear not, if you're not sure how to start a conversation when you meet your gorgeous client and you're not quite sure how to break the ice and avoid any awkward silences, then we have a few helpful tips for conversation starters.

So let's get into a few ways you can begin a wonderful conversation and break the ice with your gorgeous escort, in no particular order starting with:



Almost everyone loves movies, even people who aren't necessarily movie buffs have a genre or maybe even just a franchise such as Star Wars that they're obsessed with. Either way, this is a great way to learn a little about the person you're with and what interests them as well as breaking the ice with a conversation that could really get going.

You never know what movies a person is into or what TV shows they like to follow, and in today's age of Netflix, Youtube and generally easy streaming services widely available, it's become easier and easier for people to regularly consume content which means more and more people are watching similar and more content.

You might find you have a Netflix show in common, or a movie franchise or even enjoy the same genre. Sometimes the two of you enjoying Horror is something you could uniquely share together. Easy way movies and TV shows are popular and could be a great way to break the ice and learn a thing or two about the escort you're with.



If you find she's not much a movie buff you could try the most consumed industry in the world, music. Everybody listens to some form of music and have there own individual preferences for which artists and genres they prefer to gravitate towards.

Bringing up music as a conversation can spark a great energy as you may find you're into the same genre, the same artists or even the same songs. This can also be something you two choose to enjoy throughout the whole booking taking your initial conversation from an ice-breaking starter to a regular tradition incorporated into your bookings.



If music and movies aren't quite connecting the way you'd hoped maybe you could try fashion. As we previously mentioned, all our escorts are of the highest class and considered 'elite' or 'perfect' and they don't do this by accident.

Our escorts are up to date on all the latest fashion trends and enjoy wearing designer garms so if you talk about clothes or fashion, in general, this may peak her interest more than you expected. You may compliment her ears or shoes and ask what they are, or the price and start a conversation about her fashion while simultaneously taking an interest in her, perfect.



Speaking of taking an interest in her, this could be the best way to start a smooth conversation with your beautiful bomb-shell. Taking an interest in what she's wearing, listening too, watching, or what she did over the weekend is one of the best ways to start a conversation. Sometimes asking a person how their day is going or how their weekend went can mean an incredible amount and can really work in your favour for being the perfect gentleman and client. Take an interest in her and she'll be more than willing to make you her interest.



As well as taking a general interest in her interests, complimenting her is another great way to start and for her to view you in an immediate positive light. Compliment her shoes or her dress letting her know what a knock-out she is and this could start a conversation about what a perfect gentleman you are and break the ice between the two of you.

Over-complimenting can seem a little distracting though so make sure to move on with the conversation after complimenting her. A barrage of compliments one after another will just leave you with a lot of awkward 'thankyou's' and possibly even more unsettling silences that you keep trying to awkwardly break. Compliment her and continue the conversation.

So there we have it, just in case your struggling with conversation starters or let your nerves get the best of you whenever you meet someone new, we hope our tips have helped you get some idea's on how to start your next conversation. Good luck!