5 More Don’ts When With A Client

Recently we presented our short lists of 5 do’s and don’ts when meeting a client. So we thought we’d help you handle the next step, what shouldn’t you do when you’re with your client?

So everything has gone smoothly with the booking, you screened your potential client, arranged on payment, activities and location and you’re all set up to get started. So what factors should you be aware of during this engagement?

Well, let’s start with:

Don’t Fall In Love

Occasionally, very occasionally escorts and clients will fall in love and sometimes have a happy ending. Although this isn’t very common. Try not to fall in love with your clients, after all they have booked you for a service and that’s what they expect. They expect you to act like you’re in love, but they don’t want any ties to you, and you shouldn’t have any outside ties to your work.

Keep your work and personal life separate, as muddling the two, especially in the sex industry, can be fatal and very awkward to deal with. Remember you are there to provide a service as well, this isn’t just a date two mutually interested people agreed to go on. Keep your boundaries with clients very clear, even to them.

Also don’t fall for clients words. Many clients high on the euphoric experience promise there escorts the world and more and in most cases can’t or don’t want to deliver. Let them enjoy the experience and leave wanting you, and that’s it.

Don’t Act Dumb

Don’t act dumb with clients. Sometimes playing dumb can be cute and charming but you also need your client to respect you and take you seriously to avoid any mis treatment. If you act dumb or act like you’re not exactly sure what’s going on and everything is fine you could show yourself to be weak and troubled or easy to take advantage of.

Clients may take this as a sign of weakness and try being more abusive, or under pay you or try to demand something you’re not comfortable with. It’s better to remain sharp and focused and let him know you’re not an idiot, then have him think that and treat you like one for the rest of the booking. Be smart, it’s a smart thing to do.

Don’t Discuss Your Personal Life

Clients are not your friends, they have paid for a service and expect that service. They may try to get to know you and know your personal life but it’s important you protect your real identity and any information about who you are. Refrain from letting clients in on any fun family anecdotes or pillow talking your problems away to a client who either doesn’t care or will use this information against you, which is the last thing you want when the risk could be exposure to family or friend.

Keep clients out of your personal problems, they’re not there to fix yours and you shouldn't expect them too or vice versa. It’s fine for you to listen to clients problems, some people may even pay you for the full time but wish to just talk or offload their problems to someone who at the very least, looks like she’s listening.

Alternatively, this is a good opportunity to make up stories and be someone else entirely. You have an escort identity, now is your chance to add to her life. Makeup what she likes, it could be things you hate. You can tell stories of experiences you’ve never had and talk about places you’ve never been too and it makes no difference. In fact, it will help sell the fantasy as the client will think you’re trusting them with personal information and this could help them connect with you on a mental level, even if that connection is slightly distorted or just completely fabricated.

Don’t Negotiate

Never negotiate your prices with clients. You have set your price for your services and the client when booking you are making an agreement to that payment so don’t accept anything less than what was agreed upon. Some clients may try sell you stories of how they can help you become a star, boasting about connections and money but don’t fall for this. In most cases they are just looking to get a discount and have no intention of helping you get any further.

Sometimes clients will cheekily try to request more time, even 8-10 minutes and convince you that you can do that for free, it’s not long right? Wrong. Make sure any extended time with a client is pre paid for and don’t negotiate your services with any clients.

Don’t Take Anything To Heart

Last but not least, have fun and try not to take anything to heart. Sometimes occasionally you will experience a client who was disappointing, or maybe the booking was a complete disaster for whatever reason. Some clients may even be rude and tell you they’ve had better or wish you looked like who ever. Don’t take any of this to heart, your clients booked you for a service you provided. If you got paid then that’s what’s important. Try to keep your heart away from this as possible. If a client wasn’t totally satisfied then hey, that’s his problem, keep your head high and move onto the next.

So there we have it. 5 don’ts when with a client. Remember our 5 do’s and don’ts when with a client and your bookings will be safer and easier for you to enjoy with the added peace of mind, so be vigilant, be safe, have fun and happy escorting!

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