5 Fashion Tips That Can Help Blow Clients Away Part 2

So we already talked about five fashion tips to help you choose an outfit that you look like a clear knock out in. We figured why stop at 5 when we can keep helping you look like the woman of every man' dreams, as if you don't already.

So let's get into it, in no particular order here are five more helpful fashion tips to help you along your way.

In no particular order let's start with:

Don't Copy Someone Else:

You may be thinking this is a slight contradiction to our last set of helpful tips where we advised looking at other models and magazines to figure out your style but as many people get confused, inspiration and immitation are two very different concepts. Be wary not to straddle the line here. If you copy another escort directly or even a well known celebrity you could be called out on this.

You are mostly ignorant to the amount of escorts your client has previously seen or who he's seen, and if you copy someone else's look exactly, this client may notice and opt for booking her next time instead. Be wary of how individual you are with your style without seeming distracting, but we'll get to that point later.


So now you've been experimenting a while and you've figured out what colours and what materials suit your style and compliment your body. What next? Well you could accessorise. Many people use accessories to heighten there style. Midi rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches headbands and many other things can be used to increase the impact of your outfit and impress your client.

The way you accessorise can also tell a person a lot about who you are without you saying anything. Is your watch a well-known brand like Micheal Kors? We're not saying you have to shell out thousands of pounds for a watch, but looking richer will help you look classier and increase your overall clientele.

Be Comfortable:

We're not expecting you to go crazy with your accessories or outfits. The last thing you want is to look like Jack Sparrow on a date. It's important what you choose and how much you choose responds to your own personal style. As well as trying to look good make sure the clothes you are wearing are at least comfortable.

The last thing you want is to be wearing shoes that are absolutely torturing your feet or a dress that constantly feels like the fitting is pulling. When people wear there favourite jeans or whatever item of clothing they think they feel and look good in, then that person is happier and more confident. Making sure your clothes are fitted well will help you be confident and your persona will be stronger and sexier. Make sure whatever you're wearing isn't damaging your mood as this can in turn, damage your chances of returned clientele.

Don't Be Odd:

Told you we would get to this point later. So, being individual is great, but be cautious. When it comes to expressing yourself through clothing, the advice is usually the same. Express yourself however you want, wear what you want and be confident in wearing whatever it is you've chosen as your personal identity.

Escorts however don't have the luxury of a 'f*** it' attitude as you are aiming to please someone else as well. If your client has booked a beautiful young woman to accompany him on a corporate event then that's exactly what he's expecting. Someone to shine without distracting everyone. If you turn up rocking your personal individual self expressed through bright yellow dashikis or looking like your going to attend coeachella there's a chance your client will not only cancel the arrangement but never book you again. Make sure to balance your personal style with what's expected.

Take Care of Your Body:

This is less a clothing tip than it is general advice but it's part of the same topic. Look after yourself and your body. Get your hair done regularly as well as your nails and clean and pamper your body regularly. Clients will appreciate how clean you are as I'm sure you expect the same of clients. If you are always clean, fresh and smelling like roses there is a chance your clients will continue to book you. If your client thinks you look amazing in your outfits but is dissapointed with your hygiene, no price tag on a dress could ever keep him coming back. So take care of yourself with the same attention you pay to your outfits.

So there we have it, another short list of helpful tips to help you along and hopefully increase your clientele, so experiment, be creative and most of all, have fun. Happy escorting! If you missed five fashion tips for escorts part one then we highly recommend you check it out and give it a read.