5 Fashion Tips For Escorts That can help blow clients away

The escort industry is as much the glamour industry as it is companionship. When it comes to escorting fashion is a huge part of it. If you’re not already fashion obsessed it’s definitely a topic worth getting your mind into. As an escort, you have to be glamorous beautiful, even more so than the average woman and you are expected to be glam on more regular occasions, pretty much day to day.

As one of London's top agencies, the companions here at AJ London escorts have to look more than presentable, they must look breathtaking so the minute your eyes gaze upon her you're impressed. Our girls are nothing less than stunning angels, something that goes hand in hand with your success as an escort. Some people hire escorts for dinner dates and corporate events and when they book they expect the most beautiful women wearing the finest garms to accompany them.

So let’s talk about a few things that could help you maintain or enhance your fashion sense that could affect your business positively.

Know Yourself

When it comes to your fashion sense, how you present yourself and the things you wear, it’s important to remember the business you’re in. Escorts come in all shapes and sizes of varying ages and nationalities and every single one of those beauties is aiming to please. This is why as an escort it’s important if you want to keep being the bombshell you are, to know exactly what looks good on you.

What materials complement your skin and figure more? What colours enhance your features? What styles suit your personality? It’s worth taking some time to experiment with your clothing figuring out what you find comfortable and appealing and what doesn’t suit you. This will help you look more attractive to your clientele and hopefully increase it or give you regular clients.

Keep Up To Date

So now you know what looks good on you and what doesn’t, you have to make sure the stuff that does look good on you isn’t dated. It’s important to keep up to date with fashion through magazines, social media, movies and television. This will help you get a grasp of what the in colours of the season are and what type of style is in.

It’s worth noting to keep track of the latest lingerie and shoe collections as this will come in handy for your business and help you have a competitive edge over your competition. Clients appreciate the extra effort as well, and when a client knows you are not only well groomed but you know your fashion, it’s an indication that you are, if nothing else, aiming to please.

A Class Act

As an escort you are most peoples dream woman and the people lucky enough to book you should know that, as though they don’t already but just in case it’s not evident though you have to make sure you are more classy than trashy. Like we said, there are many reasons somebody may hire an escort.

Sometimes it’s for companionship, sometimes it’s for a corporate event and sometimes just a dinner date. When clients book you for an event or date they want to show you off, and it’s your job to give them something to show off. Wear your fancy clothing, your red bottom shoes and your expensive lipstick and watch the clients flood in to show you off at there events. Remember, you are prestigious, and it’s that prestige that your clients are paying for.

Dress For The Occasion

Knowing what to wear isn’t just about how you wear an outfit, it’s about where you wear an outfit. Knowing this is just as important as knowing what looks good in general, especially as an escort. Clients from different locations for different occasions will book you, so make sure you look right for the part. Know the session the client has booked. Do some research on the environment or the place you're going too if you know that information.

If it’s a dinner party, a club night, a corporate event or you’re just going straight to the hotel room, you should know what different outfits work with different occasions, this will also help increase your clientele as clearly you are prepared for different scenarios, so the same client who will book you for a dinner may later book you for a business event.

Brand Yourself

When it comes to the fashion you wear, even if you realise it or not some of your clients will know what you’re wearing and will even have expectations. You may meet rich people or people who want to feel rich for one night, and it’s your job to provide that. Refrain from wearing cheap or unbranded clothing even if it looks good.

Clients like to feel like they’re with elite women, which they are, and you have to showcase why you’re elite. Famous shoes, branded dresses and expensive lingerie are a great way to impress your clients and have them coming back for more. Although this type of clothing is expensive and not practical to purchase daily it is a good investment for your business and in the long run can earn you more money.

So there we have it 5 fashion tips you can use to help increase your clientele and have you looking perfect as you do so. If you liked this one then feel free to check out the 5 fashion tips for escorts part 2.

If you'd like to become an escort and live the glamorous lifestyle many of the girls working here already do, you're more than welcome to apply today!