5 Do's To Consider When Meeting With A Client

Escorting entails meeting new people quite often, which is fun. You can come across all types of different characters from wacky animated personalities to very serious prompt people and all the lovelies in between.

As a companion at AJ London escorts, it's your job to be vigilant when meeting all these people. Of course, yourself or an agency may screen every client before meeting them but that doesn’t mean there aren't a series of protocols you could follow to ensure your safety.

If you’re not too sure what they are or just need a friendly reminder, we thought we would help by compiling a list of do’s and don’ts when meeting a client.

So let’s start with the dos.

I'm The Captain Now:

When you first meet your client, of course, they have a level of expectations. Clients sometimes spend hours searching through profiles and photos looking for the perfect woman. When they find you, they have already fantasised over your lovely pictures and are expecting the same knockout to turn up, so give it to them. Be confident in yourself, know your style and rock it. You want to let your client know that you know what your doing, this is your industry and you’re confident and most importantly in control.

Coming across too timid or shy initially can be a sign to the client you are vulnerable, shy and maybe even easy to take advantage of. Clients don’t always have your best interest at heart and on initial meeting, you can never be sure of what his intentions are, so remain confident and in control.

Be as friendly as possible. After all, you are providing an expected service for a payment. It’s your job to make sure the client feels like you want to be there, after all, you are selling a fantasy and part of selling that fantasy is your winning smile. Be friendly and polite, even if your client isn’t. You also don’t know why they’ve chosen to hire you, maybe they had a bad day and are looking for some comfort. Although they may come across moody it’s your job to manoeuvre around that mood and change it. It’s not always an ideal situation, but remember it’s part of the service.

Sometimes you can essentially be going into a booking blind. You haven’t really met this person or know of there real intentions. You also may have a lack of an idea of the environment your entering, for this reason, it’s important to keep items on your person limited to absolute essentials. Carry some petty cash for emergencies and a mobile phone and whatever else you really need for the booking. Everything else, whether money or sentimental values should be kept somewhere else safe. Refrain from wearing jewellery, carrying large amounts of cash, technology like iPads and iPods or anything else that can be stolen.


If things don’t seem quite right and your spidey-sense is tingling and warning signs are flashing, don’t risk it. It’s far more lucrative for you to keep your life and live to work another day. If you do feel like the whole situation is too suspicious, for example, the client is stalling to pay or whatever the situation may be, cancel the appointment. Tell him it was a mistake or you don’t want to go through with the booking anymore and get out. You have a right to decline any booking you want.

If it’s possible, when travelling to locations that are further out or foreign to you, try to arrange a driver. Maybe somebody who can wait for you in the local vicinity and someone you could call upon should you run into any trouble. Make sure your driver knows the address you’re in also.

If everything has run smoothly with your booking and client it’s almost time to get to the fun stuff but before you do make sure there is a clear indication of payment before beginning. Try to avoid having clients hand over large amounts of cash to you. Instead when your client has shown the payment as for it to be in an envelope or encased in a money clip for example and to leave it somewhere for you to grab. Maybe on a sink top or bedside cabinet, once you have your money, confirmed the amount and put it somewhere safe, you are now ready.

Escorting is a job, and your job is to sell a fantasy so remember to sell it best you can, but be vigilant for your safety, and happy escorting.

If you're interested in working as an escort here at AJ's then your more than welcome to apply!

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