4 Points To Dating A Client Properly

As an escort, the thought of dating may be something that could be a little of a turn off for you, especially if exposed to cheating other halves, wives who are fooling around with a “toy boy” and husbands who are just bored of their bedroom routines. You may be subjected to a whole lot of pillow talk from disgruntled husbands or wives, which leaves you with sceptical thoughts on relationships, and put you off even getting involved emotionally with someone like that.

However, with humans being simply just that, love is something that no one really is immune to, and it can come about in the most unexpected of ways, whether we are prepared to welcome the overwhelming feeling of love and affection with open arms or not. The girlfriend experience may be a service that you're used to offering to clients, however, in other terms it can be a whole new real-life experience for you, being someone’s actual other half.

To prepare you for even the thought of being in this type of situation, we’re going to explore a few of the positives and negatives of dating your client if you find yourself falling for them:


Love vs Lust

Love and lust is something that can be easily confused, especially if you’re inexperienced with relationships that involve strong emotional ties. It’s completely understandable for our clients to fall in love without our incredible escorts, what with them being of a high-class level of beauty, and an insane ability to make you feel the most arousing sensations, however, most of the time this simply is just lust. Being face to face with someone so visually pleasing can make your hormones rage all over the place, confusing actual feelings for just an intense rush of lust and wanting to be intimate with a woman who they’ve hand-picked as the girl of their dreams.

It’s important to recognise the difference between the two and not rushing into potentially life-changing decisions based on lust, as you may end up being with someone who you’re insanely attracted to, but you find that there is no mental or emotional compatibility.


No Charge

With escorts behaving very highly professionally, they take extra caution to have a wall up in order to refrain from having emotions becoming involved and to protect their own feelings as well as the clients. However, when your feelings are that intense, it’s very hard to escape and it’s easy to let your mind delve into all kinds of insecurities when you allow yourself to be vulnerable to another person.

If you have met your partner through escorting, you may harbour a worry that maybe they are only with you because of the novelty factor of being with a professional escort, and that they no longer have to pay to be pleasured, and it’s important to bear in mind that this may be something that plays on your mind if your feelings are not properly established at the start of the relationship.



With the ability to meet so many different people, sometimes this can get a little daunting especially depending on the types of clients you get. You may have become fixated on the mentality that all men are the same because of the number of men you interact with on a daily basis, however, someone may pop up that completely catches you off guard, prods at your curiosity and silences all of your doubts.

Crushes make you feel all tingly inside, like putting on your favourite dress and singing all of your favourite songs in the shower at the top of your lungs and are completely natural. Being able to come across that one person who brings out all of this new energy in us is the most joyous feeling and is something that everyone deserves to experience. Of course, the situation you’ve met is totally unconventional, but who cares when they’re the fish you’ve been waiting to take a swim in your sea of love!



Trust is something that without a doubt is one of the most vital things that both parties must carry for each other in a relationship, and without, it can cause a lot of tension, misunderstandings, and conflict. Having trust means you can both be relaxed and content in each other's company without having clouds of doubt or anxiety taking you by surprise at the most inconvenient of times.

As escorts encounter every type of person, from the loveliest people on earth to some people who may not have the best manners, or highest of chivalry, certain brush-ins with clients who may be cheating on their other halves for example, may leave a bad taste in their mouths and a stigma against men that escorts might carry into their own relationships. If you’re an escort that has had clients who have all been unfaithful to their wives or girlfriends, it may make you sceptical as to whether the same would happen to you, and if your partner will return to the escorting services to seek companionship with someone else.


This also works vice versa too as if you are an escort, your partner may have a bit of a hard time understanding your profession and considers your companionship to other males as cheating. He may feel as though you will fall for someone else with the amount of people you meet, and that he will be replaced by another ‘ex-client’.

Being in such a socialable profession, it isn’t hard to believe that whilst providing companionship, you might just end up meeting the love of your life. To carry out healthy lasting relationships it’s important to be aware of any risks, and to both be comfortable with what you’re getting in to so that you’re both on the same page. As always, have fun, and thanks for reading!

We recently just covered the four risks to consider when dating a client, if you found this article useful then we highly advise you have a read about the risks and how you can prepare yourself for it.