10 Helpful Tips For Your First Time Booking An Escort In London

Doing anything the first time can be a nerve-filled, exciting, tense and scary experience but it’s these feelings that make the first time you do anything, so interesting.

Booking from AJ London escorts for the first time can leave you feeling all these emotions and much more, but fear not, if you have been contemplating taking that first step to paradise, then we have some tips to help you along the way, and hopefully make the whole experience less tense and scary and more exciting and fun.

So let's get into it, what should you be expecting when you book your first escort? How should you prepare? Where do you put your arms when she talks to you?! All these questions can be nerve wrecking we know, so starting with our first tip, and it should really go without saying is:


You have to be clean. Cleanliness is important in this industry and if you’re clean it will be highly appreciated. Make sure you shower, smell fresh and brush your teeth, you’d be surprised how far a little mouthwash can go.

Also, as well as making sure your clean make sure you're environment is clean. If you’re in a hotel room or you’ve invited her round to your house, clean your environment, especially the bathroom as you both will be using it afterwards. Keep in mind what she may need.

Put out fresh towels and soap, get female body wash and any products you think she might need to use during her time with you, she’ll appreciate this a lot and cleanliness from both of you will help the whole process feel more enjoyable. A clean mind is a happy mind and a happy mind aims to please.

Ease Her Mind:

Carrying on from the last point, ease her mind. So now she’s with you, in your hotel room or your house. She’s essentially your guest, make her feel comfortable. When she arrives, offer her a glass of water or the opportunity to have a drink should she want one. Escorts are also cautious of how many people are in the house, for safety and anxiety reasons.

Offer her a tour of your place, ensure that aren't any drunk football friends in the rooms or anyone hiding with a camera in a closet. When she knows she’s in a secure safe environment with you she’ll be a lot more relaxed, and when she’s relaxed, she can relax you.

Pay Promptly:

Payment is essential here, after all, you are paying for a service. Keep this in mind, and remember this is her business, this is how she makes her money. Don’t try to mug her off when it comes to the payment, pay what was discussed and agreed. If you agreed on £300 for an hour of her time, pay her the £300, don't try to haggle. This will make you look like you’re not serious and are just trying to get whatever you can, however, you can. Don’t be one of them guys, pay the agreed price.

Also pay beforehand. Don’t hand her a wad of cash either, in this industry discretion in every aspect is appreciated. Put the money in a nice envelope package and leave it on the bathroom sink or wherever she’s told you to leave it and try to refrain from doing anything before payment. Keep your hands to yourself till after a solid transaction has been made, she will appreciate this and feel safer around you as you’re clearly well mannered.

Checking In:

Escorts meet a number of people, in various different locations sometimes on the same day. So don’t be offended when she arrives and instantly begins making phone calls. She may need to check in with her agency or just a friend to make sure she's arrived safely and is in good hands, don’t be annoying when she’s doing this, take it as a sign shes comfortable enough to be with you and tell her friends she’s safe.

Checking Out

Like I said, escorts see many different people and not all of them are as respectful and as clean as you are. So don’t be offended if she ‘checks’ you out, especially down there. She may outright look and inspect to make sure there isn't a chance of her catching anything from you.

If you do have something down there reason enough to see a doctor, then make sure you do that and treat anything you have before booking an escort. She may do this openly or quite discreetly, but whether you’ve had a shower or not, don’t be offended if she asks you to take another one. She might just like to be extra sure your fresh, and there’s nothing wrong with having a quick wash before you begin, in fact, she will appreciate this.

Setting The Pace:

Understandably it’s your first time, you’re probably nervous and eager to please. Don’t worry about this. She’s there to provide a service for you and is happy to do so, let her. Don’t be afraid to tell her you're shy or nervous, some women find this attractive, it lets them know they’re with someone who wants to please them and they’re safe.

Be Clear:

When you tell her you’re nervous or that it’s your first time booking an escort, she may try to ease you a little more, let her. Let her choose the pace, if she's moving slow and seductively go with it, if she wants you to take her there and then feel free too but keep in mind, you are paying for this service and she won’t be offended if there’s anything you don’t want to do.

If you’re uncomfortable in going all the way on your first time, tell her, she’ll understand and do whatever you are comfortable with, even if that means just sitting and talking. There is no judgement here.

Be Attentive:

Be attentive and respectful, it’s fine letting her choose the pace you move it, but don’t do anything she’s uncomfortable with. If you have a fetish for something like incest role plays and BDSM and she refuses, respect her wishes. She’s there to provide you with a service, not do whatever crazy act you want her to perform is. If you do want to do something out of the ordinary, ask her, or offer her more money, if she is comfortable to do it, or to do it for a price she will, otherwise if she says no, the answers no, don’t keep pushing. This can end your session with her quickly, you will lose your money and the time you paid for and risk getting blacklisted banning you from making any future bookings. Be respectful.


Underpaying is a huge no-no. As we said, don’t try to haggle the price or underpay, either pay the full agreed amount or tip her a little extra after. Whether it's £10 or a £100 the tip will let her know you enjoyed her services and was happy to give her more money. She will appreciate this and leave your booking hopefully, as happy as you are.

Have Fun:

A little bit of a broad point, but the point remains. Have fun, don’t forget you are paying for a service, and the woman you’ve chosen has agreed to provide that service. You are both there to please each other and have some enjoyable fun while you’re at it, so do just that. Don’t over think, ask about anything you’re unsure of, and let her relax your mind body and spirit the way she knows how. These bombshells are professionals after all. Don’t worry if you have to leave straight away after to get back to work, like I said, both parties have agreed on the circumstances and she’s a professional, she won’t be offended.

So there we have it, whether you recently decided to book an escort or have been contemplating taking the first step for a while, keep these ten helpful reminders in your mind, and happy booking.

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