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Harold Hill Escorts

Welcome to our Harold Hill escorts gallery, home to the ultimate range of young and sexy ladies seeking your booking arrangements, browse and book the ladies today and it is as simple as ringing the agency phone or getting in touch via our online booking form.

Most London towns usually throw up some evidence of early settlement when they are developed however Harold hill is one of the very few London districts which remained virgin territory right up until the post war era. Today Harold Hill is a vibrant greater London town and a place where our Harold Hill escorts love to live but in times gone by, it was always much quieter.

In medieval times, Harold Hill was part of the dense Forest of Waltham and Forest of Essex. Prized by a succession of Kings from Saxon times right up until the 19th century for its rich hunting opportunities, the land was ordered to remain as forest and woodland for their private benefit. Post war development revealed no swords from the Romans nor implements from the Bronze age or Iron age as is usual during excavations. Harold Hill truly was an untouched part of England however a change in the law during the medieval period meant that land was leased for farming with the profit going to the King and eventually meant that land ended up in the hands of the local council by the 20th century. This is when all of the housing was introduced and unlike many other areas of London there are no conservation areas, old streets with historical tales nor historical figures to talk about but just a blank canvas upon which to create.

The Escorts In Harold Hill Are Simply Stunning

At AJLondon escorts agency we never let it be said that our Harold Hill escorts are not creative! These are the outgoing and open minded beauties who sometimes take on the characteristics of the local Essex girls however far from them being the stereotypical people we see in the media, our Essex beauties are intelligent, fun and definitely ladylike! Harold Hill was swallowed up in the expansion of London in the mid 20th century however before that it was part of Essex. The name Essex came from the East Saxons who ruled this part of England before the country was united under King Harold. Despite the fact that this district is named after him there are no surviving records of him visiting but given his love of hunting, it is likely that this is the connection. Our escorts in Harold Hill are not too keen on hunting although if you are into roleplay then they can play any part you want them to. They are imaginative and adventurous and will fulfil your dreams and desires convincingly so never hold back in your fantasies as that is what they love to hear.

The presence of wild animals would have been expected during the time when Harold Hill was covered in Forest however even in the mid 20th century people flocked to the area to see the resident black bear. A pub going by the same name in Harold Hill managed to acquire a black bear which it kept on its grounds. Whilst this would be completely illegal nowadays, it was all perfectly normal then. Residents still remember feeding it crisps and pop until it retired and went to live at a local zoo. Our Harold Hill escorts can be a little wild at times, although nothing that could possibly worry you. In fact a little wildness is something our clients look for when they book a date with escorts Harold Hill so our agency is where they know they can find them. Why not give us a call and see if you agree?

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